JB Snyder

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Phoenix based artist JB Snyder is known for his creative use of abstract shapes and lines to transform blank canvases into far out master pieces.

Phoenix New Times author, Claire Lawton, stated “After moving to Phoenix as a professional  rollerblader, he  landed a few graphic design gigs, but was never happy with the hours or the thought of working for someone else.”

JB  soon  grew weary of not being able to work on his own terms so he gradually made the switch to creating art full-time.

Snyder’s art work is on display all across the valley, but his most passionate work is located in the downtown Phoenix area.

Some of JB’s latest projects include The Painted Desert Project and Fragments of Happiness in the Quincy.

Snyder is an avid participant in the Phoenix art scene and can be found hanging in and around Jobot Coffee. Despite being a well known artist in the Phoenix area, JB keeps a low profile and always appreciates support from the community.

You can follow JB on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to enjoy even more work from this amazing artist.

Enjoy a video of JB giving Wet Paint Art Supply a makeover :


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