First Friday

Wake up, wake up, wake up it’s the first of the month…well at least the first Friday of the month. This past Friday Downtown Phoenix was live and kicking with people of all ages flooding Roosevelt Row to check out the latest edition of First Friday.

First Friday is a monthly event held the first Friday of every month in downtown Phoenix. Composed of art shows, local vendors, food trucks, and live performances First Friday shows Phoenicians at their finest.

Many local artists come out and set up all along Roosevelt Street, which has gained the name Roosevelt Row, to display their talents live. You can find painters, musicians, and even dancers devoting their time to gain renown among the locals.

Places like Jobot and Lawn Gnome are just a few of the local business that get a huge crowd on First Friday’s. Most businesses will usually have some type of free entertainment for the public to enjoy.

This event really brings out the people of Phoenix and adds a taste of a big city lifestyle to Phoenix’s normally quaint life, if you have not been to a First Friday I highly recommend you give it a shot.

Every first Friday of the month at Roosevelt and 7th Street to Roosevelt and 1st Ave, from early afternoon (6ish) to late into the night you can enjoy good food, amazing artwork, and a mixture of people populating the streets and expressing themselves.

Here’s a quick piece I put together to give you a taste of First Friday, does it some justice but the event is at its best in person.


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