Paste-ups started up small but are thriving in today’s technologically advanced world. Amazing paste-up portraits are scattered all around the valley and are becoming a quick trend among street artists. Here’s a quick how to on making a simple paste-up.

Be safe.

Be safe.

Making paste ups is simple, affordable, and quick. They can be an artistic project to get your unique designs up for display.

What you need:

  • Three gallon bucket/Paint Tray
  • Rolling paint brush (if funds are low a simple janitor’s broom will do the trick)
  • Roller extension for the brush (for higher places)
  • Wheat paste Solution (Golden Harvest is a cheaper and efficient paste)
  • Poster Paper
  • Xacto knife

First off mix the wheat paste with water in the three gallon bucket, if you bought the liquid paste already all you need to do is pour it in!

Mix it until it reaches a gelatinous consistency. It’ll take about one bag of the powdered paste per bucket.

It should take about five minutes for the paste to thicken up.

Once you get the paste ready, print out your design and cut it out with your Xacto knife, BE SAFE!

When you have the design printed out, roll it up in some extra poster paper and gather your brushes and buckets of paste and find the nearest blank canvas.  (I.E. Alley way, abandoned building, etc.)

Early shot of a La Muñeca paste up.

Early shot of a La Muñeca paste-up.

Simply slap the wheat paste solution on to the surface of your canvas, put the poster over the wet surface, then brush over it to push all the air bubbles out.

Having paste on both sides forms a nice seal, allows the piece to dry clearer, and helps protect it from the elements.

How long your piece stays up depends on the grade of the wheat paste, the better the paste the longer you’ll see your paste-up last.

Paste-ups are not 100% water proof and with rain they will eventually start to abandon their surfaces.

A magic ingredient to help your paste-up shine is Golden Harvest soft gel gloss, it’s a bit pricey but adds a nice finish to your paste ups.

Enjoy a vid with all the instructions and a list of the tools you’ll need to create your own paste ups below.


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